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Below is a list of the current barges we have for sale. This changes on a daily basis. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us with the details of what you require and we hopefully will find it for you.

For further details on any item shown below please contact us using the form on the contact page.

Tanked Double skinned tanks 103 Foot “Safe Hand”; GBP £45,000

Description: Purpose built specialist twin skinned edible oil tanker in reliable running order and ready to trade immediately. Previous recent cargos carried for major multinational companies such as Unilever, Cargill Plc and New Britain Palm include food grade Palm oil, Rape Seed oil, Sunflower oil, Soya oil etc. May also be suitable for the carriage of hydrocarbons, water and other bulk liquids.

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Landing Stage Pontoon; GBP £4900

Description: Formally used for a landing stage for a ferry company. In service till July 2017. Constructed of concrete floatation modules and a steel frame with deck laid over.

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Pontoon with Catamaran Hull 60 foot; GBP £19,900

Description: Ex MOD steel trials barge. Has open moon pool within the barge and was previously for material trials. A steel locker is at one end of the barge. The haul is divided into 24 compartments. Can be decked over to form a flat pontoon or houseboat base. Other uses may be in Shell fish farming.

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Concrete Pontoon Base 14m x 7.2m; GBP £4900

Description: Concrete pontoon base. Currently sits in the water around 1m with 1m above the water, but divides into two sections for transport by road. The concrete floats are in very good condition. This pontoon would easily take the weight of a single story structure for houseboat or workshop. Will be cleaned of all debris shortly

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Hopper Barge 70 foot x 16 foot 6 inches; GBP £22,000

Description: Steel hopper barge. Has a void space at each end accessed by a hatch through the deck. Under the hopper floor is a one foot void space between the hopper floor and the hull. The hopper can be cut out if needed. Ideal for a houseboat conversion.

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Chain Ferry/Floating Bridge 26.5m Car and Passenger; GBP £125,000

Description: Last full survey in 2016. The existing floating bridge was built in 1975 and came into service in 1976; through its 40 year life it has operated 18 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a crossing time of no more than 2.5 minutes every 10–15 minutes. In recent years the floating bridge has transported approximately 1.5 million pedestrians and 400,000 vehicles per year. Due to funding grants the local authority commissioned a new ferry which is now in service.

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Tanker Barge (Sullage) 25.75m (300 ton capacity): GBP  £44,000 ono

Description: Ex-Admiralty sullage tanker built in 1964. Most of the machinery remains in the machine room and could be reinstated to make fully functional again. At deck level is a control space and a mess room. Below machinery space aft and a lower crew room with toilet and shower. Four main cargo tanks with a capacity for just under 300,000 litres.. Three tanks with a capacity of 74,000 litres and one of 78,000 litres

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34m Salvage/Work Barge "Hookness": GBP £349,000

Description: Formerly owned by the PLA as a salvage/work barge and built to a high specification. The barge has a current load line till 2017.The sister ship Crossness has been converted and shortened to a 25m multipurpose vessel currently working.

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32m Barge “Turbot”: GBP £100,000

Description: Turbot was built in Birkenhead in 1966 as a dumb grain barge for use on the Manchester Ship Canal. After being withdrawn from duty some 30 years later she was first converted for use as a static office and classroom facility before she was developed into the retail and workshop facilities that she is today.

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Barge ”Oiler” 27m x 7.4 - GBP £130,000

Description: Fully operational pub barge currently moored on the Thames. Conversion by the current owners was completed around four years ago. Works carried out in ship yard and has been in use at their venue in Albert Dock.

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Spud Leg 18m x 450mm GBP £2000
Spud Leg 18m x 450mm

Dimensions: 18m long 450mm diameter 19mm walled tube

Description: Fabricated ready to use spud leg in good condition.

Location: Portsmouth

Flat top Barge 32.2 metre GBP £99,000
Description: Flat barge with a stepped deck. The deck currently steps at 17.2 m drops down 850mm to other deck level at 15 m . Could be flushed off to make a totally flat single deck.

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Jack Up Barge 10 metres x 12 metres € 420,000

Description: Jack Up Barge completely overhauled in 2010 including new hydraulics and rams, survey report available. Fully road transportable with just 3 trucks. Barge suitable for site investigation, piling, harbour construction etc. Jack Up Barge consists of 4 modular pontoons that connect together with external jacking units.

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