Below is a list of the current boat lifts we have for sale. This changes on a daily basis. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us with the details of what you require and we hopefully will find it for you.

For further details on any item shown below please contact us using the form on the contact page.

Yacht cradles Model SC85 by The Yacht Leg Company
(Thirty Job Lot May split) GBP £10,500

Description: Job lot of 30 galvanised steel cradles that have become available due to the recent change of yard system in a marina. The lot consists of mainly model 85 and one SC95.

Floating Security Barriers by Tuffboom

Gangway Safety Nets: GBP £80 each
Gangway Safety Nets: GBP £80 each

Description: Quantity of nets made up for unslinging gangways. Nets are made of nylon cord. All second but serviceable. Various sizes. Could be used for other purposes.

Location: Portsmouth

Beclawat Window Seals For Early UK Widows
(New Silicone Rubber): GBP £20 meter

Description: Brand new Beclawat silicone rubber seals for early British Versions of the window system. Marine, rail and plant use. Made to the original drawing.

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8mm Twisted Rope COTESI 220m (7 available):GBP £38 each

Description: New coils of 220 meter rope

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Fire Hoses 51mm Various Sizes and Lengths GBP £45 each Other sizes on request

Description: New old stock fire hoses. Bronze fittings. Ideal for marine and site applications.

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Hydraulic Steering Pump and Ram 90cm - GBP £800
Description: Hydraulic steering pump and ram. Ram length 90cm. In excellent condition.

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Hydraulic Steering Pump and Ram 60cm - GBP £600

Description: Hydraulic steering pump and ram. Ram extended 60cm.

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Bridge Chair on Pedestal GBP £500

Description: Bridge chair with pedestal. In very good condition and has some connections for electronic equipment control built in.

Maritime Solutions

Pilot Chair KAB 414 GBP £250

Description: Ex RNLI fully adjustable pilot chairs. Raising arms. Lap strap seat belt. Damped base. Adjustable back rest. Can be mounted on a pedestal.

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