Floating Crane: 110ton Lift “Apache”

For sale price: GBP £750,000

Floating Cranes

Dimensions of Barge

Length: 42.76M          Beam: 21.43m            Depth: 3.8m                  Draught: 1.91

Weight: 1656 Metric tons


Boom Length: 37.64m

Fully revolving 360 degrees

Auxiliary Hook: 25 ton                  Main Hook: 110 ton

Maritime Solutions is now acting as an agent for the charter of the floating crane “Apache”. The versatile floating crane barge can be chartered for any job no matter how small or large. Any long or short term charters considered and single lifts.

The owner operators supply the fully qualified crew and if needed the towage to site. Apache can work alongside a quay or at anchor. Apache is currently rated for lifts of a maximum of 110 tons. Apache has the capacity to rotate through 360 degrees and has good boom reach.

The crane has worked on a number of Prestige projects recently on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. These include the lifting of the yacht Britannia for full restoration, construction of the Royal Yacht Squadron Cowes harbour defence wall.

On another front the crane has been used by harbour authorities and private landlords for wreck recovery and wharf side clearances of sunken wrecks and hazards. This has resulted in the re-opening of wharfs and safer navigation for vessels. This leads to new revenue for the port authority’s and landlords in being able to get an income from previously unusable quaysides, which are at a premium.

Other lifts have been for various clients including oil refineries, harbour authorities, ferry companies and construction of a new pier for the Admiralty in Portsmouth Harbour.

The cranes owners also have their own flat top barge 33 meters by 17 meters which is also for charter. Pay loads of 500 ton. The flat barge be chartered with carne Apache of separately if required.

The owners have worked closely with
Blade Runner Shipping who can provide self-propelled motorised barges for charter with the crane or separately.

Please contact us for a quotation on your project no matter how large or small and full specifications of the crane.

Brief details: Crane Barge "Apache"

Barge Dimensions










Hull Material



1656 Metric tons



Boom Length
Fully revolving 360 degrees


Auxiliary Hook
Main Hook

25 ton
110 ton

Recent Clients Include:

Ministry of Defence UK
Esso Refinery Fawley
White Link Ferries
Red Jet Ferries
Portsmouth Port Authority

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

Crane Barge "Apache" Hire

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