34m Salvage/Work Barge "Hookness"


Dimensions: Hull length: 34m + 3m extra of bow roller above deck.
Beam: 9m Moulded depth: 3.3m Draft: 2m (aft) GT: 252

Description: Formerly owned by the PLA as a salvage/work barge and built to a high specification. The barge has a current load line till 2017.The sister ship Crossness has been converted and shortened to a 25m multipurpose vessel currently working.
Deck Crane: 120tm telescopic boom ‘Effer’ – 16.2t @ 6.88m, 4.65t @ 19.48m – see duty chart.
Main engines: 2no. x Caterpillar 3406 x 300hp each
Generators: 3no. x Caterpillar (low hours), water cooled, but can also run from ballast tanks if vessel aground.
Speed: 8.5 knots
Main Deck winch: 2 x 20t – which have sheaves for 3 x falls on each winch and linking together to achieve 120t line pull over the bow roller.
Aft Deck Winch: triple drum 10t capacity + 2 drum ends + roller fairleads for each on transom.
Capstans: 2 x hydraulic capstans either side at bow.
Ballast Pumps: 6”, 4” & 3” pumps, includes salvage suction valves and overboard discharge.
Fwd ballast tanks: 64t capacity
Aft ballast tanks: 60t capacity
Fuel capacity: 20t
Fresh Water capacity: 11t
Accommodation: 10 persons
Cargo hold: removable deck hatch for rigging store/small machinery.
Deck Cargo capacity: 1150t, subject to stability.
Hull thicknesses (Shell plate): 25mm bow, 20mm deck, 18mm sides, 13mm bottom. Longitudinal deck frames @ 60mm Thick!!!! Built to last!! Recent UTM survey report available.
This vessel will go on for years to come!!!

Location: Gravesend UK

Andrew Christy: Hookness Workboat/barge
Andrew Christy: Hookness Workboat/barge

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34m Salvage/Work Barge 'Hookness'
34m Salvage/Work Barge 'Hookness'