Houseboats and houseboat platforms for sale

Here at Maritime Solutions, we offer the full range of services to assist you to purchase and if needed build your houseboat. We are often ask eked to find specific hulls or pontoons for conversion or completed houseboats for clients. Most of our hulls come straight out of commercial service. We can offer a full package from purchase to delivery. Working with a team of highly qualified professionals we can also offer the following services if needed.

  • Houseboats and houseboat platforms for sale
  • Brokerage for selling your houseboat
  • Pre-purchase and ongoing marine surveys and valuations
  • Hull thickness NDT testing
  • Design by highly skilled architect that has completed many houseboat projects for clients.
  • Access to several yards on the south coast of UK where you can work on your project or have contractors work on it for you.
  • Marine towage and obtaining MCA load lines to enable towage at sea.

Maritime Solutions houseboats and houseboat platforms