16x4.12m Modular Steel Pontoons road transportable Set of two with Spud Legs


Individual Unit Dimensions Length 16m
Width 4.12m
Moulded depth 1.7m
Construction Material Steel
Gross Permissible Weight 42 tonnes
Draft Unladen 0.45m
Draft Fully Laden 1.15m
Freeboard Unladen 1.25m
Freeboard Fully Laden 0.56m
Max Deck Loading 1.5 tonne sq meter
Single Unit Net Weight 20 tonnes
Spud Legs 12 m x 410 mm (dia)

Description: Two modular pontoon sections in very ggod condition. Recently re-painted and new anodes filled. The unit can be set up side by side of end to end. The unit comes with spud legs

Location: Ireland

16x4.12m Modular Steel Pontoons
16x4.12m Modular Steel Pontoons